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Bringing A.I. to Orthopedics

A.I. can enhance what you already do. It doesn't have to be complicated. Deep Structure puts the power of A.I. into your practice to benefit you and your patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Structure?

Deep Structure is an A.I. solution that easily brings artificial intelligence into your orthopedic practice.

Why do I need A.I. in my practice?

Artificial intelligence studies you and your patients. It learns and then can help optimize your decisions so that you and your patients can be at their best. Every patient. Every case. Every time.

How does A.I make me the best version of myself?

Curb siding colleagues when you face a clinical dilemma is as old as medicine itself. Deep Structure is similar but instead of a colleague, you can simulate your questions off real data and predictive models and get a result that is tailored exactly to you, your patient, and their unique clinical situation.

Who’s Eunice?

Part chatbot, part A.I. and part patient experience. Eunice is a single persona that interacts with the patients and collects data to enhance your patient visits.

Will Deep Structure get in my way?

A great technology that disrupts a surgeon's routine is not going to work. Deep Structure was created by busy surgeons like you to make using A.I. seamless and easy.

Who pays for Deep Structure?

Deep Structure is a monthly subscription paid by the practice. Remote patient monitoring services are coordinated by Deep Structure and reported to your biller. Most doctors end up with additional cash flow each month.

What do patients think?

Patients see Deep Structure in your practice as another outward sign that you care about them and that you are doing everything you can to give them the best surgical outcomes.

How do I find out more?

You can speak to your local sales representative or click here.

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